Banjo Food is a Canadian food blog that is dedicated to food, travel and music. It was started by Banjo man Matthew Munro to help chronicle his adventures musically. He also wanted to create a place where he could post all the great recipes and tips that he has picked up on his many travels.


Banjo Foods is an excellent blog for people interested in enjoying great food while on the road. Food, travel and music are intertwined in every corner of the world and Banjo Foods features people and places from all over the globe who incorporate them in their travel and food experiences. Banjo foods offers all of its visitors a truly unique perspective. Everyone who comes to this blog is a bit different and there is no one who is in exactly the same position as you are. By reading Banjo Foods, you will gain a global understanding of what other people are eating and drink while on the road. The most surprising part of Banjo Foods for me was that for all the world traveling that has gone on since the site started, there are some places I didn’t know about that I wish I did.

Banjo Food

Since the very first post, Banjo Food has been recognized as one of the best food blogs for food in the world. Chef Martha Stewart Likes Banjo Foods: Banjo Foods is Martha Stewart’s favourite Canadian food blog! Mr. Sabor Cuba is one of the best Canadian food blogs in the world. Chef Dickey’s Chicken + Honey is one of the most inspiring Canadian food blogs. Big Mama’s Gumbo Y’all is a must-read blog. Chef Jacqui Pelissier is one of Canada’s most inspiring food bloggers. And there are many, many more.

The 5 Best Banjo Places for Food in the World

The Banjo Foods blog goes into great detail about a ton of different foods, from the basics to cooking with nuts. A lot of the meals are highly vegetarian, so if you’re not down with that you’ll probably be bored. Still, the recipes sound pretty damn good, so I’d recommend giving the site a try. French Fries Mashed Potatoes Creamy Peanut Dressing Dr. Pepper Visit Banjo Foods’ blog for more information. Angie’s Banjo Cooking Angie Baskin started her blog Banjo’s Banjo Cooking in 2009 as a way to share banjo food recipes with the rest of the world. I was skeptical, but you know what? I’m hooked. The post Angie’s Banjo Cooking: 5 Best Banjo Places for Food in the World appeared first on Natural Building Blog.


Banjo Food has been a nice place for me to come back to again and again. It’s always inspiring to find a travel blogger that is down-to-earth, and who is just as dedicated to his blog as he is to his music. In my opinion, there’s no other travel blog that I would recommend more.

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